An Evolving Global Financial Landscape

Banks are pursuing growth and profitability, while remaining focused on operational efficiency. That growth and efficiency is fueled by open, flexible data centers, and increasingly, the move to the cloud. From the front office to back-office operations, banks are modernizing their IT infrastructures to deliver innovative financial products while protecting and scaling the cloud infrastructure is critical. They demand high-performance, highly resilient cyber-security that can protect critical applications and infrastructure flawlessly and with low latency, especially in today’s markets where banks are under constant threat of cyber-attack.

Capital markets and exchanges move at lightning speed, and the big winners are the ones who can make the right decisions in microseconds. Investment banks, asset and wealth management firms, national market exchanges and broker-dealers must constantly innovate to succeed in today’s highly volatile market and increased regulatory oversight. Trading smarter and faster hinges on an ultra-low-latency trading infrastructure including high-performance, highly resilient firewalls that perform flawlessly.

Insurance is being transformed by technology from the first customer interaction to back-office operations. Property and casualty, life and annuity, reinsurance, and brokers are facing new opportunities and risks as trends as diverse as social, mobile, big data analytics, and the cloud reshape the industry. To emerge a winner in the shifting landscape requires insurers to rethink their IT infrastructure to ensure a smooth move to the cloud and maximum efficiency for back-office operations. They need to protect their data center and cloud infrastructure with high performance cyber security solutions.



Fortinet Solutions for Financial Services



Safeguarding Financial Data and Assets

Keeping information safe is critical to maintaining customer confidentiality, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting the brand. Fortinet protects the most valuable assets of some of the largest financial services institutions across the globe. The company’s cyber security solutions, recommended by NSS Labs, provide broad, high-performance protection against dynamic security threats – whether inside the perimeter or out - without disruption to the IT security infrastructure.

Threat intelligence needs to evolve 24x7, 365 days a year, and thus Fortinet solutions are reinforced by FortiGuard, a team of over 200 researchers focused solely on industry threat research, analytics, and intelligence for preventing the latest attacks, while FortiSandbox provides critical inspection and testing of new and unknown threats.

With threats anywhere and everywhere, Fortinet provides a common FortiOS security platform from the smallest branch office to the largest of data centers. And as customer-centric financial services extend from on-premise to the public cloud, Fortinet has partnered and integrated with leading providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to ensure a consistent security posture across the hybrid cloud.


High Performance Next Generation Firewall for the Enterprise