The Riga Municipal Police (RMP) is the largest municipal institution responsible for public and administrative order in the capital city of Latvia. The Riga Municipal Police works 24/7 and has a complex and integrated structure that consists of the headquarters, six district/suburb departments and four specialised services. The total number of employees in the Riga Municipal Police is about nine hundred.


Essential demands

RMP considered the following essential demands in their tender for a digital radio communications system.

  • Implementation of own digital radio communications system based on TETRA technology.
  • Turnkey solution including delivery of infrastructure and terminal equipment, installation and commissioning, programming of radios, relevant documentation and training.
  • Integration of existing RMP’s TETRA radios into the new system.
  • Inherent reliability of communications by means of certain redundant components and functional features.
  • Strict SLA parameters in line with the mission critical nature of the system.
  • Interoperability with State Police employees in a specific dedicated talk group.
  • Expandability, accommodation of new applications and routines.


The winning solution

Motorola Dimetra IP TETRA system complemented with MTS4 and MTS2 base stations was a core of the winning proposal. Along with portable MTP850S and desktop MTM5400 TETRA radios, this solution now provides digital communications according to RMP’s operational needs. Motorola MOTOBRIDGE gateway nodes provide interoperability of communications with the State Police.

SIA “DAN Communications” won in an open tender and provided a turnkey project including high-level and low-level system design, technical projects for TETRA base station implementation, installation and commissioning, integration with existing ground based communications networks, programming of new radios and integration of existing radios, support and maintenance services based on requested SLA parameters.