Ar nepraleidote ko svarbaus?

Thales pristato „Mi-Map AI- assisted” išminavimui skirtą sprendimą

Mi-Map is a digital assistant powered by AI for sonar data analysis including a fully integrated design for quick deployment and a continuous machine learning capability. This platform can reduce operator workload, improve Man-Machine performance, and speed up post mission and real time operator analysis whilst being able to self-adapt to new environments or threats.

« We compared the efficiency of current procedures to the ones offered by Mi-Map. It took dozens of minutes for the operator to detect and classify potential threats, when the Mi-Map did the job in around 20 seconds. And the human missed two decisive elements, »

Thales representative. 

Thales’ Mi-Map console has been offered the Janus prize, a label awarded by the French Design Institute to projects being made to be easier for the user to handle. 

Thales is just finishing the development and will be able to propose its new Mi-Map console for the Naval market. 


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