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Invisibly Supporting Railway Operations. Nationwide Radionect™ Integrated Voice And Data Recording And Radio Dispatching System

Tallinn, May 10, 2022

AS Operail, an international group of railway logistics companies based in Estonia, whose main areas of business are freight transport, rolling stock rental and construction and maintenance, has deployed Radionect™ integrated voice and data recording and radio dispatching system for supporting its operations throughout Estonia. This nationwide system includes more than 20 fixed installations of edge radio gateways, 40 mobile installations of onboard units in locomotives, all reliably logging radio voice and data information from several hundreds of digital and analog two-way radios and provide access to Operail’s radio networks over IP connections from computerized dispatch consoles.


“Railway operations must be performed in a precise and efficient way. No compromises on safety or routine procedures are allowed. Therefore, all such operations need to be controlled and logged with technical tools”, said Raoul Järvis, Chief IT and digitalization officer of Operail. “Operail needed a user-friendly system considering multiple sites of operations and conventional analog and digital radio channels spread throughout Estonia. Operail also wanted a solution for monitoring and controlling operations at remote sites from a central location in real time”, continued Raoul Järvis.


Radionect™ software and hardware was provided by its developer and manufacturer, DAN Communications which is a Motorola Solutions radio channel partner and authorized application provider. Radionect™ was selected because of its promising set of features and exceptional suitability to the customer’s needs despite not having completed development at the time of signing the system purchase agreement. In its vision, Radionect™ by far outperformed any radio dispatch and logging solution available on the market for conventional radio systems. Furthermore, existing out-of-the-box solutions could not fully meet the customer’s requirements and wishes. "Since parts of the railway routes are still outside of 4G coverage, we needed a system that also works fully in the offline mode and automatically synchronizes with the server once the internet connection becomes available again," elaborates Dmitri Lebedinski, the project manager for radio system at Operail, and adds that “remote device management, including software updates, were important for Operail”.


“We are thankful to Operail for a brave step towards the support of the local high-tech industry. We see it very important to keep and expand technology competence and business in the Baltic States, especially in the long term”, said Ileana Rutman, CEO of DAN Communications. “Our cooperation and discussions with the customer resulted in several market-leading features in the product”, added Petrs Čertovs, member of the Board at DAN Communications.


As a testament to the value of Radionect™ solution, DAN Communications and AS Operail have recently entered into a turn-key system support agreement to ensure a smooth and successful cooperation for years to come.


About DAN Communications

DAN Communications delivers state-of-the-art solutions and projects in the areas of mission critical communications, information security and defense integration with offices in Riga, Latvia, in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Tallinn, Estonia. Many government or business organizations rely on the systems and solutions delivered by DAN Communications. Presently, DAN Communications is proud to partner with plenty of world leading vendors, Motorola Solutions, Thales and Fortinet are amongst them. Further information about DAN Communications is available at


About Operail

AS Operail is an international group of railway logistics companies based in Estonia, whose main areas of business are freight transport, rolling stock rental, and construction and maintenance. Operail employs nearly  600 people, handles over 10 million tons of freight transport volume a years and leases over 2500 railways wagons. Further information about Operail is available at

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