Digital radio communications for chemical industry segment

Digital format of radio communications provides entire range of benefits. 

  • Clearer audio free from typical analogue crackles and noises.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Transmission of text messages or low-speed data in addition to voice.
  • Applications, which can increase work safety environment and efficiency – centralized voice logging, vehicles and personnel tracking via GPS or indoors, man-down alarms, dispatchers and job-ticketing.



Smart proposition of Motorola TETRA

Up to date TETRA provides the widest range of radio features compared with other two-way radio technologies. TETRA is specially developed to fit in the most demanding mission-critical scenarios of public safety, transportation, manufacturing industry and petro-chemical sectors.  With TETRA, it is possible to reduce number of frequencies required to run a radio communications system thus saving on frequency license fees compared to analogue conventional. While in the same time thanks to trunking principle and TDMA technology, a TETRA system also has a higher traffic capacity compared to conventional analogue systems.

Motorola Dimetra IP Micro TETRA system complemented with the range of portable radios, MTP3000 series, MTP6000 series, or ATEX MTP850Ex / MTP810Ex as well as mobile radios MTP5000 series forms a core of a digital radio communications solution with mission-critical performance. Customers has always an option of upgrading this core with centralized voice logging server, MCC7500 IP dispatch console stations, or vehicles and personnel location solution. 



Cost effective MOTOTRBO proposition

Motorola MOTOTRBO solution is an excellent option for cost-driven digital scenarios. Customers can start from a single conventional repeater serving a couple of dozens of DP or SL series portable radios and DM series mobile radios. For hazardous areas MOTOTRBO portfolio does include DP4401Ex and DP4801Ex ATEX grade radios. Such single repeater can be expanded to Capacity Plus multiple repeater solution if radios fleet or traffic demand increases due to applications of personnel and vehicle tracking, job ticketing, voice logging, personnel safety and alarming.  



Choosing the right partner

SIA “DAN Communications” is Motorola’s radio channel partner in Latvia, accredited for sales of both TETRA and MOTOTRBO systems and radios. We offer customers benefits of our long-term experience in wireless, system-oriented approach, tailored SLA performance.