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  • Managed SHDSL.bis modem transmitting full-duplex at data rates of up to 5.7 Mbps over 2-wire, and 11.4 Mbps over 2/4-wire lines
  • Dual Bearer mode enabling E1 or V.35 service combination with Ethernet
  • High Ethernet performance including QoS and EFM bonding
  • Operating as STU-C (CO) or STU-R (CPE)
  • Full interoperability with Megaplex-4, LRS-102 (ASMi-54C and ASMi-54C/N modules), and third-party equipment
  • Remote power feeding

ASMi-53 is a cost-effective, dedicated, managed SHDSL.bis modem that extends the range of high-speed services over existing copper pairs. The modem is used for Ethernet, E1 and V.35 service extension at rates of up to 11.4 Mbps over 4-wire lines using bonding technology. The modem features an Ethernet, E1 or V.35 user interface.
ASMi-53/Type1 can be ordered with:

  • Ethernet interface
  • Ethernet and E1 interfaces
  • Ethernet and V.35 interfaces.

ASMi-53/Type2 enables E1 and Ethernet or E1 and V.35 services combination and can be remotely powered by PFH-4 or by the MPF power feed unit, connected to Megaplex-4.


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