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  • SHDSL.bis managed modem operating at full-duplex data rates of up to 5.7 Mbps per copper pair
  • Ethernet service over 8-wire line of up to 22.8 Mbps in Point-to-Point, Multipoint, Daisy Chain and Ring topologies
  • Two platforms for Ethernet encapsulation with up to 22 Mbps throughput over 8-wire lines: HDLC and SHDSL EFM bonding (in Point-to-Point topology)
  • Optional 4xE1 service in addition to HDLC encapsulated Ethernet in Multipoint, Daisy Chain and Ring topologies


The ASMi-54 line includes the multi-port ASMi-54 advanced SHDSL.bis modem, the costeffective ASMi-54L SHDSL.bis modem and the ASMi-54LRT managed SHDSL.bis modem with integrated router, as well as a card module (ASMi-54C) for the Megaplex-4 chassis.




The ASMi-54 unit can be managed using the following connections:

  • Local RS-232 terminal
  • Telnet server, SNMP
  • Web-based management application
  • Inband management with or without dedicated VLAN.

The following security protocols are provided by ASMi-54 to ensure client server communication privacy and correct user authentication:

  • Access control for SNMPv3, Telnet and Web-based management interface for granting access only to users that appear in the manager list
  • SSL/SSH for Telnet and secure Web access
  • RADIUS for password management and user authentication.


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