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SyncServer S300


The SyncServer ® S300TM is a high performance, enhanced security enterprise class GPS Network Time Server. It sets standards for security, accuracy, reliability, and redundancy in network time servers.



Easy To Set Up and Maintain

SyncServers are the easiest to set up and maintain network time servers in the world. The front panel of the SyncServer S300 is designed to quickly bring the server online with a few front panel keystrokes or DHCP. To fully configure the unit, use the very intuitive web interface or the step-by-step wizards for the most common operations.



Redundancy and Time Assurance

The internal modem is standard to connect directly to legal time provided by national time authorities. An optional AM radio is available to synchronize to national time broadcasts, which can be an alternative to GPS when GPS is not viable option.



Upgrade to IEEE 1588 / PTP

All S300 SyncServers are IEEE 1588 / PTP grandmaster ready with built in hardware based, nanosecond caliber time stamping. An optional key code enables the PTP operations on the LAN2 port. Order your S300 with the PTP option or upgrade later when you are ready to deploy PTP on your network.