Improve the Security and Reliability of Industrial Control Systems/SCADA

Like other organizations, providers of Critical Infrastructure using Industrial Control/SCADA systems- utility companies, transportation groups, natural resource producers and more- are targets of increasingly tailored attacks. However, they must also address additional and significant challenges beyond this sophistication of cybercriminals. These challenges include the inaccessible locations, extreme environments, old and often proprietary systems, and serious result of failure related to geographically distributed Industrial Control/SCADA systems.

For these far-flung infrastructures, Fortinet delivers industry-leading High-performance UTM Security products along with Integrated Switching, Wireless Access and more in “Rugged” form factors.



Fortinet’s Rugged Solution for Industrial Control/SCADA Systems

  • Top rated threat protection
  • Coverage for industry-specific applications, operating systems and threats
  • Small form factor, purpose-built security and network devices that meet or exceed industry standards for hazardous deployment
  • Remote management/monitoring of integrated security, switching, wireless and more
  • Central reporting to demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations

Operation Technologies (OT) such as Industrial Control/SCADA systems are similar to, but not exactly the same, as Information Technologies (IT) deployed in offices and Data Centers. So Network and Security Solutions for OT, rather than IT, systems must account for the important differences.

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