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 FCD-IP is an E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 integrated access device (IAD), which enables service providers to bundle data, voice, and IP access services over a single E1 or T1 access line.

Supported WAN services are: 

  • T1 or fractional T1 CSU/DSU operating at rates of up to 1.544 Mbps 
  • E1 or fractional E1, with or without LTU, operating at rates of up to 2.048 Mbps 
  • E1 or T1 over fiber optic links 
  • Frame Relay with auto-learn of DLCI and maintenance protocol 
  • ISDN BRI (“U” or “S” interface) for data services backup. 


An integrated router supports IP routing and transparent bridging.  An optional internal 4-port Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switch can be installed in place of LAN ports. Internet/intranet access capabilities are enhanced through: 

  • IP Service Access authentication provided by PAP/CHAP 
  • Solid Firewall that protects an office LAN from undesired entry from the Internet 
  • NAT that allows the sharing of several legal IP addresses between the various LAN users 
  • Single IP address translation that allows a small or medium office LAN to connect to the Internet using a single dynamically or statically allocated IP address 
  • DHCP server that allows the sharing of ISP address pools between DHCP clients on the LAN. 
  • OSPF protocol based on the link state technology, distributing information about the state of links between routers. 



Comparison table

Total user ports Up to 11 Up to 19
Interface types

X.21, V.35, V.24, RS-530, E1/T1, E&M, FXS, FXO, ISDN, SHDSL, ETH 

X.21, V.35, V.24, RS-530, E1/T1, E&M, FXS, FXO, ISDN, SHDSL, ETH 

E1/T1 line type 

+ +

SNMP management 

+ +


+ +

E1 bypass 

+ +

ETH performance 

10/100 MB/s 

10/100 MB/s 


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